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Visualization of your IDEA

Professional 3d visualizations and customized animations. We create CGI effects for films and advertising. Our portfolio represents a wide range of operations, from visualizations and animations of nanochips to highways, railways and development projects. We offer a format of 3D interactive models to make products more attractive on the web.

360° Interactive models for websites

3D Interactive models



Landscape photogrammetry and placement of visualizations


We are professionals in setting the correct proportions of the visualized object and placing them on a real photo or video.
This is a preview of the Wind Farm project imported into a real photo (for WSB Company).

Visualizations of architecture

Selected Clients

Contact Juraj Lukáč – Designall / / +421944621209 / IČO:51194686 / DIČ:1123737868 / T. Vansovej 10, Zvolen, Slovakia, Middle Europe, Planet Earth